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Carl Zeiss OPMI ES - SMN

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Carl Zeiss OPMI ES - SMN Surgical Microscope 

Made: Carl Zeiss

Model Name: OPMI ES - SMN

Year: 2007



  • infinitely adjustable magnification (zoom) and focus (focus).
  • Adjust the microscope magnifications from 5x to 40x.
  • Adjusting the focal length F = from 200 mm to 400 mm 
  • View doctor 12,5x magnification glasses, the focal length f = 170 glasses mm, adjustable tilt from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Preview assistance: 10x magnification glasses
  • Xenon and halogen lighting with adjustable intensity.
  • Xenon light output of 280 watts
  • Xenon light intensity adjustment from 8,500 to 100,000 Lux.
  • Halogen light power: 100 Watts
  • Power supply 110/220/240 V
  • Total weight of the microscope: approx. 350 kg
  • Microscope with the possibility of connecting the video track.
  • Microscope without auto-guidance - it is possible to expand the SMN module.
  • Stand situated on a trolley, holding the brakes.


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